We are always looking for smart people.  We have two locations to work from - one in Columbia, MD, and the other, at our offshore office in Pune, India. If you are experienced and have it in you to work from home, we allow that too.  Currently we have the following positions open:

1. Consultant - software solutions consultant with experience in Salesforce, Drupal CMS, Mobile apps, and systems integration.  Should have experience in work with clients and developing solultions.

2. Software Developer - could be fresh out of school or experienced.  Either way you need to be really smart and bring value to the table.

3. Intern - postions in software development, marketing, or project management.

Email your resume and a half to one page personal statement to

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Fantail is a full-service solution provider, specializing in leveraging the latest technologies and software platforms to allow your company to achieve increased profitability, streamlined and flexible workflow and scalability that enables your goals, mission and revenue to grow and evolve with the market.



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