Systems Integration

I need all my systems to talk to each other. I want updates that are made in one system to show up in the other. I need to see changes in real time. I don't want to do double data entry.

Sound familiar? Whether arising from user driven demands for efficiency; mandated by compliance requirements; the need for more departmental control; or simply the discovery that a single system cannot do it all, the necessity to integrate systems is a real business demand. We pride ourselves in rising to your system integration challenges.

We use the open source and widely popular Talend in building our solutions. Talend has been featured in the Visionaries Quadrant of Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools. It provides us with the ability to build flexible, agile solutions that are compatible with a wide range of standard software applications and data sources: ranging from flat files on FTP end points, to modern day web services and applications such as Salesforce.

An important feature of our systems integration solutions is that we don't generally need to modify your systems. Our solution works as independent middleware with the option of having the software hosted with us or installed in your environment.


About Us

Fantail is a full-service solution provider, specializing in leveraging the latest technologies and software platforms to allow your company to achieve increased profitability, streamlined and flexible workflow and scalability that enables your goals, mission and revenue to grow and evolve with the market.



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